Saturday, 16 February 2013

S02E19: Bad Moon Rising

First it was Mandy that disappeared without a trace and now we find out that Lionel Tribby is no longer White House Counsel. As much as I like John Laroquette and think he was great, Oliver Platt really does nail it as Babish. While he's not in too many episodes his role is crucial, and thanks to his movie actor gravitas he drops into show without ever appearing out of his depth.

Babish's reaction to Jed's revelation makes Toby's response look even worse. If there's one guy who would be going crazy over the constitutional issues raised by what the President's done it would be a lawyer, and Babish is White House Counsel! Yet what's his response? He sits down calmly and starts to assess the situation. Take note Toby.

The sub-plot about the oil spill would ordinarily be quite generic but it's a nice touch referencing Sam's past, and an exchange that almost adds another five minutes to the episode, as you could easily insert those flashback scenes into this episode. Talking of callbacks, Charlie doing the "old friend from home" line is great, and the scene between him and Leo is a season high point for Dule Hill.

The "If you lie to protect me..." speech from Jed to Charlie is awesome on a first watch, and continues to be good on each rewatch until you ralise what rampant hypocrisy he's displaying. Don't worry though, because Babish's rant in the Oval Office a couple of minutes later is even more awesome. It also sets out the path the show is going to take for at least the next few episodes. Fasten your seatbeats; we're in for a pretty wild ride up until season's end.

Random observations:

"What is it about people from Chicago that they're so proud they're from Chicago?" Jed asks. Why I don't know Mr. President, what is it about people from New Hampshire that makes them so proud they're from New Hampshire?

Initially Gail's bowl has a periscope in it, presumably referencing the leak that CJ and Toby are concerned with finding. Later in the episode a folded dollar is there, in reference to the Mexico bailout.

Thank goodness for Donna. She asks the questions to Josh so I don't have to. The Josh/Donna banter about the loan issue is a light-hearted gem in the episode.

The whole conversation about how smart Charlie is goes over my head because I have no idea how the US educational system works. I do understand that whatever he's done is pretty impressive. If anyone wants to explain it to me in the comments then feel free.

The staffer who brings the note for Leo into Babish's office is Cam from Modern Family.

Episode grade: A

So what did you all think?

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