Thursday, 6 September 2012

S01E20: Mandatory Minimums

Well thank goodness they didn't bottle out of the Let Bartlet Be Bartlet promise. As it turns out the finance reformers do get nominated, and causes exactly the storm that's expected.

While the episode is called Mandatory Minimums (and they do get a fair crack of the whip) it should really have been called Fallout. The whole point of getting the pollsters out is to examine how the legislative nightmare scenario will play out.

Probably the most interesting character development in the episode is the revelation that Toby was married, and to someone pretty hot (well, too hot for him anyway). Even more interesting, she's a Congresswoman (further comments in the spoilers section).

Random observations:

I don't believe the guy who gets asked back instead of Danny wouldn't jump at the opportunity to do so, let alone try to get Carol to change her mind.

Is it just me, or is the lunch at the restaurant one of the most bizarre West Wing scenes ever?

I think Sam and Toby have an idealistic view of the American public whereas Al Kiefer has a realistic one.

How on earth do Toby and Josh grasp the Laurie thing immediately? This is almost clairvoyant in its genius, and considering some of the rookie mistakes they've made in the past few episodes I'm not buying it.

Does anyone else feel sad that Kenny doesn't get a White House coffee mug?

Episode grade: B-

So what did you all think?

Spoilers for the future follow.

I always thought Andy was criminally underused. She wasn't my favourite character by any stretch, but considering how influential her position was the fact that she mainly appears as a result of a kooky will-they/won't-they sub-plot seems a waste to me.

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