Monday, 13 August 2012

S01E17: The White House Pro-Am

First off, my apologies for the three week gap between recaps; what can I say, life gets in the way sometimes. I'll try to make up by doing a couple of episodes a week for the next two weeks.

The premise of this episode is quite interesting, and it makes me wonder how realistic the West Wing setup is. I can imagine that if the two staffs are as disconnected as portrayed here stuff like the snafu in this episode would be happening in real life all the time.

As an episode it strikes me as being an awful lot about nothing, and for the most part it's saved by a few really well-written little conversations I speak about in the next section. Of all of them the main highlight is the one between Jed and Abby towards the end of the episode in the oval office.

Random observations:

The conversations about CJ picking up on the "signs" the President gives off are really sweet.

Why are Donna and Zoe apparantly reading the same book (to mention nothing of Leo and Jed)?

I love the conversation between Danny and Charlie about "being the one guy in her life who is totally hassle-free", and it's advice that I've tried to apply in my relationships, with pretty good success.

The chat between Danny and Jed is another gem in a somewhat nondescript episode.

Episode grade: C-

So what did you all think?

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